Saturday, February 28, 2009

& Thats February.

B - 2/11/2009. He loves that elephant. This was in Home Depot with Grandma and Grandpa Willie. He's such a good boy! He just tags along and rarely complains. His doctor's appointment was on Friday the 20th, he was 19 pounds and 26 3/4 inches. He's in the 75% for his weight and 50% for his height. He almost needs a new car seat! I've been shopping around and think we'll go with an Evenflo Triumph Advance, now I just need to find the best price! So we have ourselves a chunky, short, monkey! The doctor says he is doing great and always seems impressed with our parenting skills!

We named the puppy, Blair. Blair Bear to be exact, because she is a big fuzzy bear. She's a such a good girl, always trying to please, but so full of energy! If she isn't playing tug o' war with Spice she is right under your feet or sleeping on top of your feet. Her and spice stay busy playing, I'm glad I found a good playmate for my spicy puppy.

Tyler has had some extra time on his hands so we got the new exterior doors put in. They look great, its nice to be able to lock the door and close it without having to lean or push on it! Now they just need trimmed. We'll see how long that takes, the interior doors still need finished too!

Red Lobster is okay! I'm working about four nights a week. Its been busy this week so that is nice. They have had some major computer problems though! Last night was a mess. It makes me crazy sometimes. Then you always get the people who don't know how to tip. Nothing drives me more crazy then someone telling me thank so much and leaving 10%. It always happens. I just need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and do it! Anybody have any ideas?

We haven't been home, to either home, in about a month. Too busy working weekends, but we miss and love you all! Come see us sometime! We have an extra bedroom and you're always welcome to stay!

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  1. Those are great pic! I had a friend in HS named Blair and we called him Blair bear too! My daughter outgrew her infant carrier pretty quickly as I have a huge child lol..but we got the alpha omega elite, we love that thing! If you have a Costco, I saw it there for like 100. Its the only carseat you need, its rear facing up to 35lbs I think, forward facing to..I think 50lbs and then become a booster seat for up to 100lbs. Dont quote me on the LBS as I havent read the manual in a while...but wont have to keep buying carseats.